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Who is CPAP Specials?

CPAP Specials is a 100% online supplier for CPAP machines, masks & equipment. We operate an online business only in order to offer you the most competitive prices on name brand CPAP machines, masks & accessories.

We aim to offer the most competitive prices on CPAP equipment to customers. We are an overseas supplier and our products ship from the USA by Express Courier to customers worldwide!

We are dedicated to providing the most competitive prices on CPAP equipment and to make Sleep Apnea treatment more affordable and attainable for all patients, leading to a better quality of life.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes! We ship worldwide with the exception of some countries.

Please see our Delivery Info page for our full Shipping Policy.

Do you ship to Australia?

Yes we ship to Australia!

We also include GST Exemption codes for medical devices on all Invoices, exempting the order from GST or duty.

However we are ultimately not responsible for duty/GST customs may decide to apply.

How much are taxes and duties when shipping to my country and who pays?

The buyer or customer is responsible for determining, managing and paying all taxes and duties associated with our transaction. We will not pay and cannot quote taxes and duties.

Our delivery partner (DHL/UPS/Fedex) will contact you if you have duties & taxes payable before delivery. We suggest monitoring your order progress on the courier website to ensure it is not stuck in your country’s customs. Please contact your local courier office and quote your tracking no for further details.

What type of power supply does my CPAP need?

Most CPAP/APAP machines are designed to operate on both AC and DC voltage 100-240 Volts, meaning you only require a power adaptor or cable to use the device and plug into your country’s socket anywhere in the world. See our range of available region specific power cables in the Accessories Cateogry to add into your order.

I don't know the pressure I need... which machine should I buy?

When unsure of treatment pressure AUTO is recommended.

If you know the pressure required a Fixed Pressure machine may be an option.

Note: If unsure Auto is highly recommended as the most comfortable, robust and effective treatment option.

What is the difference between Fixed Pressure & Auto CPAP?

Fixed Pressure means the machine will run at one single pressure at all times and usually you need to know your presssure level to set the machine.

Auto will manage the pressure level within a range and is the most comfortable treatment available since the pressure will change during sleep as required.


Over 70% of patients select an AUTO type machine

What delivery method is used and how long does it take?

Please refer to our Delivery Info page for more details.

What currency is your website in?

All final charges are in USD (United States Dollars), your card will be charged in USD.

For convenience please use the Currency selection box on the top or bottom of the page to view the equivalent amount in your local currency. Please be advised this is for convenience only and final charges are in USD.

What payment methods are accepted?

The following payment methods are accepted via our secure online checkout system:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • PayPal (surcharges apply)

What are the Warranty terms and procedures?

Please refer to our Warranty page for more details.

What is the difference between CPAP machine brands & models?

We only carry the most reputable CPAP brands available such as ResMed, Philips Respironics & Fisher & Paykel.

All machines operate by supplying Positive Airway Pressure to the airways and variances may be small between brands and models.

If you have trialed a certain machine, it is recommended to purchase that model if you are comfortable with it.

How can I contact you for more information?

Please use the Contact page on our website or the Live-Chat feature on the bottom right of your screen to get in touch with us.

Do I need a prescription to purchase a CPAP machine?

We do not require a prescription for international customers as orders are exports. If you do not have a prescription or are unsure of your pressure an Auto type machine is recommended which will determine pressure levels on it’s own.

If you do know your fixed pressure you can purchase a Fixed/Single Pressure machine rather than an Auto, however Auto is recommended because it adjusts pressure as needed rather than supplying a single pressure that may need adjustment over time.

Furthermore over 90% of new patients experience more comfortable treatment whilst using an Auto instead of a Fixed Pressure CPAP machine.

*As we send orders from the USA the responsibility of a prescription or correct set pressure is upon the customer, CPAP Specials is not responsible for incorrect use of devices*

How do I maintain my CPAP equipment?

The following is our recommended maintenance procedure for CPAP equipment:

CPAP Machines

  • Drain & replace water from water tank every day or too (distilled water is recommended to avoid staining of tank)
  • Replace air filter every few months
  • Rinse hose in warm soapy water every few months


  • Wash in warm soapy water bath every 1-2 days followed by rinse  (CAUTION do not use HOT WATER as silicone seal may be damaged. Warm water is recommended)

Is your website secure for online ordering?

Yes, our checkout is secured with SSL 128bit encryption, you should see the green padlock in your browser when on the checkout page, this means all private information entered such as name, address, credit card no is private and secure.

Yuosuf Al faraj
Yuosuf Al faraj
25 October 2023
The device is amazing in respect to the noise and convenience. Still i am not getting better with therapy due to a dry throat and sleep issues as the pillow mask could not suit me well.
Elias Mansour
Elias Mansour
12 October 2023
Great customer service and delivery. But no support for ResMed machines outside the US :(
David Eardley
David Eardley
9 October 2023
Absolutely fantastic, service, communication, quality and value of goods. Thank you very much
Jerry Graber
Jerry Graber
4 September 2023
Great price , great service and quick responses from the team . Was initially hesitant about ordering from abroad but arrived promptly and without interference or extra cost
Natee V.
Natee V.
4 June 2023
Incredible service and product received in Switzerland in just over a week. At the prices they’re offering, you would be led into being suspicious that it is a scam. After looking at the very positive reviews, I decided to take the risk. So glad I did. Quick order confirmation, delivery updates and email responses. Couldn’t be more pleased with my brand new Resmed Cpap machine. Thank you CPAP Discount and Diana.
Dave Stonehouse
Dave Stonehouse
12 May 2023
Ok. So the price was good. It was probably delivered. From America to Australia. The machine itself is great! However, because it’s the latest model , it’s not available here. This means the App is not yet supported in Australia. After weeks of too high a pressure blowing the mask off and phone calls and emails to no avail, I solved the problem myself with the help of google. I needed to go to the clinicians section to make adjustments. This information should be given to non American countries the dont have the latest equipment or information or perhaps are lagging behind in technology. Otherwise it’s useless and impossible to use. Now it’s fine. And I’m happy. Enjoy.
Dominick Tibuhwa
Dominick Tibuhwa
10 January 2023
Excellent service.. Good quality
David Will
David Will
17 October 2022
Excellent purchase experience. All items were exactly as expected. Shipping to Canada was timely. Definitely recommend. Pricing was exceptional.