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ResMed AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

11 customer reviews


Sleep in any position you want with the most preferred mask of its kind – ResMed AirFit™ P30i nasal pillows mask – designed to keep tubing out of your way. Achieve true freedom with CPAP therapy and get closer to your bed partner with a mask that’s 80% quieter than the market-leading gel pillows mask, thanks to ResMed QuietAir™ vent technology.

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Easily disconnect from therapy if you have to get up at night using the quick-release elbow, a feature that ensures parts don’t get stuck or lost. Plus, with the AirFit™ P30i SpringFit frame, you get an all-around stable, personalized fit.

Item Description
63850/63871 – Standard Frame – Standard Frame, Headgear, Pillow Cushions: S,M & L
63851 – Small Frame – Small Frame, Headgear, Pillow Cushions: S & M

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Complete Mask:

Pillow Cushions

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Weight 1 lbs

Small, Standard, Standard (l)

11 reviews for ResMed AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

  1. Teri Albert

    To me, this is the best option for a CPAP mask. Getting the hose out of the way is actually a really big deal. I just run the hose behind and over my headboard, so it never gets in the way while sleeping!

  2. Kyo

    I especially like the comfortable nose mask and without a lot of thing hanging down from my face. I turn a lot in my sleep and this one stays in place nicely and allows me to sleep comfortable without even noticing it’s there. Also, it definitely improves my quality of sleep by reducing snoring.

  3. Molly

    this is more than 5 star! This is by far the best and most comfortable mask I have ever used! Feels like not wearing anything when I sleep, no leaks and it’s not irritating and the air pressure flows to your nose and you won’t feel like your drowning with too much air! I do’t get any red marks on my face too the next day when I take it off. Love this pillow mask!

  4. Lauren Bennett

    Efficient service from CPAP specials! Thank you so much!!! I got my order just now. I bought last week and received it here in Ireland today. I was expecting to receive this by next week, and I am amaze by the response and the quick assistance you guys have offered. About this mask, I am using this type for a long time, and if you want to use something that will let you sleep comfortably in any position, I recommend this

  5. Elizabeth

    I have received my ÇPAP order and I am very happy with it. Its very comfortable to wear and much better than the previous one, which leaked non-stop.

    Thanks very much.

  6. Gelo

    very impress with the response and the staff are courteous in answering my questions. i happy they suggested this mask. no more water leak after changing my mask to this and getting a heated hose.

  7. Valeen

    I’m a first time CPAP user and I am so glad a friend recommended CPAP Specials to me. Diana was very helpful. I chose this mask because my air pressure does not need to be set in a high level and this mask practically allows me to sleep like I am not wearing any mask. I just don’t like that it leaves marks but I think I just need to get adjusted to it.

  8. Ignacio

    Received my mask after a week that I ordered this. CPAP Specials answered answered all my questions promptly. Very professional!

  9. helen

    This was suggested to me by Diana and I don’t regret taking her suggestion. Good fit and excellent performance. i love how I am able to sleep in any position with this mask.

  10. Paul Espinoza

    Been looking for CPAP masks that suit me and Diana from CPAP specials suggested this. Ever since i started wearing the P30i, my sleep gets better. I don’t wake up clutching and taking off my mask. It is very comfortable and I don’t feel drowning with air. I am very sensitive with pillow masks and this is the only mask that worked for me.

  11. Josie M

    CPAP specials sent me the mask quicker than I expected, my AHI scores 98-100 now and I am very happy that I switched to this mask. It took awhile to get used to it but it was all worth it.

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Yuosuf Al faraj
Yuosuf Al faraj
25 October 2023
The device is amazing in respect to the noise and convenience. Still i am not getting better with therapy due to a dry throat and sleep issues as the pillow mask could not suit me well.
Elias Mansour
Elias Mansour
12 October 2023
Great customer service and delivery. But no support for ResMed machines outside the US :(
David Eardley
David Eardley
9 October 2023
Absolutely fantastic, service, communication, quality and value of goods. Thank you very much
Jerry Graber
Jerry Graber
4 September 2023
Great price , great service and quick responses from the team . Was initially hesitant about ordering from abroad but arrived promptly and without interference or extra cost
Natee V.
Natee V.
4 June 2023
Incredible service and product received in Switzerland in just over a week. At the prices they’re offering, you would be led into being suspicious that it is a scam. After looking at the very positive reviews, I decided to take the risk. So glad I did. Quick order confirmation, delivery updates and email responses. Couldn’t be more pleased with my brand new Resmed Cpap machine. Thank you CPAP Discount and Diana.
Dave Stonehouse
Dave Stonehouse
12 May 2023
Ok. So the price was good. It was probably delivered. From America to Australia. The machine itself is great! However, because it’s the latest model , it’s not available here. This means the App is not yet supported in Australia. After weeks of too high a pressure blowing the mask off and phone calls and emails to no avail, I solved the problem myself with the help of google. I needed to go to the clinicians section to make adjustments. This information should be given to non American countries the dont have the latest equipment or information or perhaps are lagging behind in technology. Otherwise it’s useless and impossible to use. Now it’s fine. And I’m happy. Enjoy.
Dominick Tibuhwa
Dominick Tibuhwa
10 January 2023
Excellent service.. Good quality
David Will
David Will
17 October 2022
Excellent purchase experience. All items were exactly as expected. Shipping to Canada was timely. Definitely recommend. Pricing was exceptional.

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