Spotless CPAP Dual Action Disinfector (UV + O3) Sanitizer

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The first dual technology CPAP cleaning solution, utilizing activated oxygen (Ozone) & UV (Ultraviolet) Light Sterilization. Eliminates 99.99% of CPAP bacteria, viruses, germs, and other pathogens safely and naturally. Also removes odours and smells from your CPAP machine, tubing & masks.

Sanitize CPAP Masks, and your entire CPAP system using the included hose adapter.

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  • 750ML Large Capacity, fits your CPAP mask, pillows, headgear, hose, water chamber and more for disinfection!

    A) Activated Oxygen (Ozone) & UV (Ultraviolet) – Dual Mode
    B) Activated Oxygen (Ozone) Only
    C) UV (Ultraviolet) Only

    Sanitize CPAP Masks, and your entire CPAP system using the hose connection simultaneously.


    Effectively remove smells, odours, germs, pathogens and viruses from your entire CPAP system by using the included hose adapter.


    Timer mode automatically runs every day to keep your cpap system sanitized


    Compatible with most CPAP Machines on the market

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15 reviews for Spotless CPAP Dual Action Disinfector (UV + O3) Sanitizer

  1. camille

    no regrets in buying this cpap cleaner! it works better than the Lumin. this one can disinfect mg things like keys and makeup too not just for the cpap machine!

  2. Shanti D

    the lady in chat suggested this for my cpap cleaner and I am so happy that this works! i love that it fits my purse too so I can also disinfect my everday stuff! thank you for the superb customer service!!!!

  3. Ahia Lesmond

    This is an amazing product! I have tried some cpap disinfector and they are not as effective as this. I can see the difference because my mask and machine smells new and clean after I have put them here. I am a hospital staff and it is so important to disinfect whenever I finished my shift. I bought this so I can disinfect my things when I get home too and also for my cpap equipment. I think I will buy another one for my partner. Please consider getting one of these because it is very effective!

  4. Alyssa Bermudo

    I receive a message from their CS when they launch this gadget and I am so satisfied with my decision to purchase a disinfector especially these days when it gets me so anxious just to think of coronavirus. Now, I have the peace of mind that my mask is thoroughly clean and my other staff can also be disinfected by this.

  5. Margarette S

    I am very impress with this cpap disinfector and I have already recommended it to my relatives and friends! It works with my cpap masks and my resmed machine. The mask is placed inside the small compartment so I know every part is sanitized and cleaned thoroughly.

  6. Millar DC

    This is such a wonderful cleaning device. The size is compact and not too heavy, you can carry it when you travel. Especially with covid19, you just really have to be sure that everything is clean and sanitize. I bought this cleaner because I want to make sure that what I put on my nose and mouth is disinfected and I am so glad it works the way I expected it .

  7. AK Klin

    I always thought that CPAP cleaners are overrated but my wife bought this for me. I started using it and I felt the difference. I only washed my mask with water and soap as instructed to me but ever since I used this, I felt safer to use my mask again. I also noted that it smells like brand new again. And the machine blows stronger air now and it must have been because of this cpap cleaner. I think it will save me more money in the end because I won’t have to go out and asked the guys in the clinic to service my machine! I got my own professional cpap cleaner now.

  8. EUG

    I am definitely in love with this cpap cleaner and I decided to purchase another one for my partner. He travels most of the time and this is the perfect cleaner if you don’t have the time to wash your mask and machine daily or when there is no access to water.

  9. veda

    I have another CPAP cleaner from Resmed, and my doctor friend gave this to me last week. I was able to compare both cpap cleaner nad I must say this one works better. It has two ways of cleaning the machine and the mask and the best thing about this is that I can disinfect my other things inside the box like my lipstick,makeup,keys, coins and even my phone! I highly recommend this cpap cleaner.

  10. Brett Lima

    This is the one of the best cpap cleaner and probably the most important purchase I made this year! With coronavirus around, I just better knowing that I can disinfect my mask and machine all the time. I would rather pay a few hundred dollars and be sure that my equipment is virus-free!

  11. gab727

    legit product! it makes me feel like using a brand new cpap equipment. I am confident to use my mask even more after cleaning it using my spotless disinfector👍🏽

  12. Criselda Lyon

    I got 2 of these. I gave the other set to my mother so she can easily clean her machine. She is 70 years old and she likes how it works, very easy to use!
    As for me, I like that this CPAP disinfector gives me the peace of mind that my machine is entirely disinfected. My tiny stuff like my keyholder and my phone fits in the chamber but I decided to use this disinfector exclusively for my CPAP machine.

  13. Stephen Yu

    Best buy I made since the lockdown! Cleans effectively and no smell. This is now an essential for me when cleaning my mask and machine.

  14. Gabbrielle Joseph

    Must have this pandemic especially for me who is very paranoid and I want to be sure that my CPAP tools are free from the virus so I bought this. It is easy to use and small enough so it wont take a lot in the storage.

  15. Erich

    The CPAP disinfector is okay, it works as what I expected it to be. It looks bigger in the pictures but I wish they will sell a bigger disinfector like this.

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Yuosuf Al faraj
Yuosuf Al faraj
25 October 2023
The device is amazing in respect to the noise and convenience. Still i am not getting better with therapy due to a dry throat and sleep issues as the pillow mask could not suit me well.
Elias Mansour
Elias Mansour
12 October 2023
Great customer service and delivery. But no support for ResMed machines outside the US :(
David Eardley
David Eardley
9 October 2023
Absolutely fantastic, service, communication, quality and value of goods. Thank you very much
Jerry Graber
Jerry Graber
4 September 2023
Great price , great service and quick responses from the team . Was initially hesitant about ordering from abroad but arrived promptly and without interference or extra cost
Natee V.
Natee V.
4 June 2023
Incredible service and product received in Switzerland in just over a week. At the prices they’re offering, you would be led into being suspicious that it is a scam. After looking at the very positive reviews, I decided to take the risk. So glad I did. Quick order confirmation, delivery updates and email responses. Couldn’t be more pleased with my brand new Resmed Cpap machine. Thank you CPAP Discount and Diana.
Dave Stonehouse
Dave Stonehouse
12 May 2023
Ok. So the price was good. It was probably delivered. From America to Australia. The machine itself is great! However, because it’s the latest model , it’s not available here. This means the App is not yet supported in Australia. After weeks of too high a pressure blowing the mask off and phone calls and emails to no avail, I solved the problem myself with the help of google. I needed to go to the clinicians section to make adjustments. This information should be given to non American countries the dont have the latest equipment or information or perhaps are lagging behind in technology. Otherwise it’s useless and impossible to use. Now it’s fine. And I’m happy. Enjoy.
Dominick Tibuhwa
Dominick Tibuhwa
10 January 2023
Excellent service.. Good quality
David Will
David Will
17 October 2022
Excellent purchase experience. All items were exactly as expected. Shipping to Canada was timely. Definitely recommend. Pricing was exceptional.

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